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Double Glazing - Sash Windows

Sash windows are often found in Georgian and Victorian houses, and provide efficient cooling of interiors during warm weather.  This is achieved by opening both the top and bottom of a sash window by equal amounts allowing warm air at the top of the room to escape thus drawing relatively cool air from the outside into the room through the bottom opening. The Ascent-VS Range of Double Glazing Sash Windows supplied and fitted by Crown are low maintenance, energy efficient, double glazed and draft free. They combine the functional benefits and performance of uPVC with the feel, aesthetic appeal and operational simplicity of a traditional wood window.

The key features that characterise the original timber window have been retained and you can even copy the original design and configuration.  Recreate a truly crafted look with a traditionally jointed deep bottom rail and choose from two options of ‘horn’ to match the original character.

If you’ve a real eye for detail, you may want to upgrade from smooth uPVC to a white woodgrain textured foil.  Whilst this mimics a traditionally painted finish, rest assured it will never require a coat of paint.

Re-create the Georgian Sash Window

Traditional Georgian bar glazing arrangements can be authentically replicated two different ways;  

For a really authentic look, replica Georgian bars are fixed to the surface of the glass (inside and out) and a special spacer bar gives you the appearance of separate pieces of glass, yet you retain all the advantages of a double glazed window.

Alternatively, Georgian bars can be placed inside the glass unit which makes cleaning windows a simple and quick affair.

Advantages of installing Sash Windows

Authentic – Vertically sliding sash windows typify a wonderful period in British architecture and window design

Hardware to suit any taste – locking cam catches, tilt latches, pole eyes, hook lifts and restrictors are available in finished white, chrome or gold and are available in either a traditional old style or a smooth, rounded contemporary form.

Energy Efficient Glazing – Compared to older, timber sliding sash frames, modern uPVC equivalents offer outstanding energy efficiency, weather proofing, draft proofing and noise reduction to help reduce your heating bulls and carbon footprint.

Lasting Reliability – Instead of weights, pulleys and a cord used in traditional timber sliding sash windows to hold the sashes in position, Crown sliding windows feature a pair of spring balances that are uniquely set to match the weight of each individual window, ensuring a reliable and smooth glide operation for the life of the window.

If you would like to view some samples of double glazed sash windows, please pop in to our double glazing showroom in Fleet, Hampshire..  No appointment is necessary, but if you would like a chat before you visit, please call 01252 617385 or take advantage of the Crown ‘Request a Call Back’ option.

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